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How It Works
  • Introduction:

The innovative Thread Lifting treatment by Zartaux Dermamed+.

It is a convenient, less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts, designed for people experiencing early signs of aging,
such as minor facial sagging.

This innovative facelift procedure can be performed in just one or two hours, often without anesthesia, hospitalisation or
long recovery, and gives immediate results that continue to improve up to 2 months after the procedure. If signs of aging
are relatively minimal, a Thread Lift may be a good, or the best, way to make cosmetic enhancements while avoiding facelift
scarring and other potential side effects such as downtime after the procedure or unexpected results, which sometimes occur
after more intensive surgical procedures.

They can be performed in various areas of the face and body, to target specific problem areas, or used to give an overall
facial rejuvenation from the brows to the neck area.

  • What can Thread Lifting do?

Thread Lifts can be a great way to rejuvenate and restore youthful contours to areas such as the brows, cheeks, jowls and
the neck area. They can also be used to give youthful tone to areas on the body such as the breasts, buttocks and upper
arms, places that are prone to sagging and loss of volume due to weight loss, poor muscle tone, or the aging process.
Vaginal Threads helps to tighten the perineal muscle and vaginal passage, for a functional and aesthetic improvement.

Each suture or Thread has cones or knots that help to hold lifted skin in place. Made of permanent or absorbable materials
similar to those used in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgeries, the sutures are designed to have imbedded cones or
hooks that work to stimulate collagen production while holding the thread in place.

The benefits of a Thread Lift include shaping and lifting, and can give dramatic results that last from 8 months up to 2 years,
depending on the type of Thread used. Thread Lifts are a good option for those aged 30 to 60 years, for whom gentle sagging
may be apparent, but collagen deposits are still enough for regeneration. Younger patients who want to improve their facial
contours or those with facial asymmetry may also consider this treatment.

  • Tips:

Lifting action for immediate yet discreet results. This will improve over a period of 2 -6 months as new collagen grows,
giving further lift and tightening to the skin.

  • A rejuvenating action for gradual and natural results: re-absorption of the filament component helps skin boost
    its natural collagen, thus further redefining the features being treated.
  • The Thread forms an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face due to collagen synthesis
  • The Lifting effect is at its peak at 6 months when collagen has formed around the threads
  • Lifting effect lasts from 8 months to 15 months, even though there are incidents that the results lasted up to 2
  • PDO Threads can be safely used in combination with Botox, Fillers, Derma roller, PRP and other skin resurfacing procedures.
  • Know How:

During a Thread Facelift, the cosmetic surgeon inserts thin thread into the face through tiny incisions made in the targeted
area. Almost immediately, treated areas will be raised slightly, eliminating sagging and giving patients a rejuvenated appearance.
Thread Lifting uses a series of microfilaments positioned at specific areas of the face to lift the eyebrows, lift sagging skin
over the cheeks, reduce nasolabial and marionette lines, define the jaw line, reducing the roundness of the face and reduce
double chins. Strategic placement of the filament just underneath the skin in the direction of youthful vectors also helps
stimulate collagen and form the skin. They are 100% biocompatible and bio-absorbable material, which has long been used,
in medical suturing.

  • Mono Thread:

Mono lift or “Prime Mono” is to embed PDO into the skin. It is largely effective in facial lifting and wrinkle removal though
self-stimulation pf cells. There is no interruption in a daily life right after the procedure. There is no side effect or need to
remove since it is biodegradable, biocompatible and dissolves in the body.

  • Twisted PDO:

It is more advanced stage than Mono lift. It is designed as twisted pairs of the mono lift threads, resulting the acceleration
of a stronger stimulation into SMAS layer and ends up forming more Collagen. Twisted PDO is thicker and stronger that the
Mono thread thus the effect of lifting is more powerful.

  • 3D Cog:

3D Cog is a barbed embedding thread. As point of contact to tow Panniculus Carnosus is increased, Lifting effect is maximized
compared to every other Lifting Thread in the market.

  • Screw PDO Thread:

Collagen synthesis stimulation and wrinkles correction.

The Screw Thread is a single NORMAL Thread wrapped around the needle like a spiral. The procedure using this Thread looks
like driving a typical Screw into the tissue. This result in lifting the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which causes an even greater
collagen production.


  • Single Spiral PDO Thread
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue Lifting
  • Requires anesthetic cream only, no lidocaine injection required.


  • Double chin correction
  • Eyebrows Lifting
  • Wrinkles correction
  • Facial contour modelling
  • Body shaping
  • Correction of the nose shape



• Tightening the skin on the forehead, lower lid, anterior cheek, nasolabial fold.
1. Insert the needle.
2. Twist at least 10 rounds to enhance more distortion for extracellular structure.
3. Remove the needle.
• Caution:
4. Bleeding due to sharp needle.
5. Compress needling sites sufficiently.

3D Cog:

• To correct large drooping or sagging appearance.
1. Make an inlet on skin with the needle.
2. Insert guide wire though expected vector.
3. Remove core wire and insert thread through external guide wire.
4. Remove external guide wire.
5. Pull the thread moderately to raise Cog.
6. Cut off the stump.
• Caution: Over correction may cause dimpling or irregularity.

Apply multiple Threads with minimal distortion to correct naturally.

How is a Thread Lift performed?

While techniques vary according to a patient's specific needs, the doctor's training, and the type of Threads used, Thread
Lifting generally involves the use of a Thread that is inserted under the skin in a way that helps the skin be lifted.

Before a Thread is inserted, markings are made to determine the proper point of entry, directional vectors and exit point.
Depending on the type of Thread (single direction or bi-directional, for example) the entry and exit points will vary.

Some techniques require a small incision to be made at the entry point, while the newest methods need only a puncture
wound to be created with a large gauge needle. A Thread is then inserted along the previously marked lines. Once tightened,
the Thread's cones or hooks help to hold the skin in a lifted position. Areas such as the cheeks may need multiple Threads or
a looping Thread to plump up the cheek fat for a youthful, volumised result. The neck area is usually supported with laced
sutures that lock the skin to the lower jaw area to give a contoured neckline.

The results are immediately visible and continue to improve in the next 2 months as collagen remodeling takes effect. The
Threads are invisible, although can sometimes be palpated (felt with the fingers) in certain areas. Some patients feel minimal
discomfort such as a slight ache or sensation while chewing or smiling, but this fades within the first week. Slight dimpling,
bruising, and swelling is normal within the first few days, but improve rapidly as the sutures are absorbed. The incisions made
for the entry and exit points are tiny and heal without unsightly stitches.

Areas which can be treated include:

  • Brows - brow line lifting
  • Cheeks - cheek fat repositioning and contouring
  • Nasal flare - correct for widely flared nostrils and improve nasal shape
  • Nasolabial folds - lift and tighten cheek contours to reduce nasolabial folds
  • Lips - improve lip shape and contours
  • Jowls - lift lower jaw area to improve and tighten jowl shape and contour
  • Neckline - reduce turkey neck effect and return youthful contours to neckline

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