Whitening Serum 24h With Alpha Arbutin

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How It Works

work.png Whitening Serum 24h With Alpha – Arbutin

Concentrated Whitening Serum (1st stage)

Powerful concentrated Whitening Serum giving astonishing results, due to the drastic combination of A-Arbutin, Bio-White, Bellides, Chromocare, Vit C Complex, ingredients, which have been clinically in vitro proven their whitening effect.

These powerful components inhibit Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. Ideal for Chloasma, Melasma, Hyper-Pigmentation, Dark Spots, Acne marks etc., gives immediate and guarantee results in 5 to 8 days.

Consists a natural Product, which is safe to use all year, as it does not provoke redness or exfoliation, due to the natural components it contains.

tip.png Use

Use alone twice daily or in combination with the Whitening cream of the same line, according to your skin condition.

(Ask your doctor).

During the treatment always, use the 50+ Sun Block Cream before your make up, or the Sun block Cream with makeup.

circle.png Tips

  • Reduces production of melanin

  • Strong whitening effect

  • For all skin types

  • All active ingredients are natural

  • Reduces skin pigment

  • Skin becomes livelier, brighter

  • Contains 4% A-Arbutin

  • Contains 2% Bio White

  • Contains 2% Bellides

  • Contains 1% Chromocare

  • Contains 3% Vit C Complex (A special form, which releases Vit C on application )

  • Not irritant, safe to use all year

  • Does not exfoliate the skin

  • Results in 5 to 8 days

  • Parabens Free

circle.png Active Ingredients

Whitening treatment based on A-Arbutin, Bellides, Biowhite, Cromocare and Vit C (complex)!

When it comes to skin lightening our products are the most effective, safer and faster way to achieve it!

A-Arbutin is a natural skin de-pigmentation and whitening agent which inhibits tyrosinase and reduces pigment 68% in 3 weeks time!

Bellides (Daisy flower): Highly efficient, natural skin lightening. It blocks MC-1 Receptor, reduces the a-MSH Binding Capacity, influence on Melanogenesis Pathways, Inhibitates Endothelin Expression and Influence Tyrosinasis Expression.

BioWhite: is a natural skin de-pigmentation and whitening agent co-operating with A-arbutin.

Cromocare: acts in 3 chomophores by reducing melanin and haemoglobin and improving collagen.

Vit C Complex: A strong whitening and regenerating factor. The Complex is a special form, which releases Vit C on application.

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