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Alternative of Botox and Collagen Injections

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work.png BOTEX CREAM

Botex cream is enriched with synthetic peptides in combination with collagen peptide which visibly
reverse the signs of aging. Fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and the mouth are visibly
attenuated, giving freshness, glow and youthful appearance. USE: Apply the cream to the entire face
after cleansing using upward and sideways motions. Allow the cream to be absorbed before applying

tip.png Use

Apply three times daily for the first month in upward and sideward motions on clean skin until the cream
is absorbed. Continue using the product twice daily for the second month. Following use each night to
help the results remain. (Ask your doctor)

circle.png Tips

  • Alternative of Botox

  • Alternative of Collagen injections

  • Reduces wrinkles 52% in 28 days

  • First month use 3 times daily

  • Second month use 2 times daily

  • Third month use once daily

  • Enriched with synthetic peptides SYN®-AKE & SYN®-COLL

  • Inactivate muscles responsible for expression lines

  • Stimulates skins Collagen production

  • Attenuates fine lines on the fore head, around the eyes and mouth

  • Gives Freshness, youthful and glow sensation

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