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Sérum Concentrée Hyalouronique

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Serum rich in high quality Hyaluronic Acid with immediate action. Visibly moisturizes while deeply
penetrates and improves the hydration of the skin and counter-acts against negative influences.
Ideal to use regularly as instantly reveals newer, brighter, livelier skin. Use regularly before day
or night cream. USE: Apply the serum to the entire face after cleansing using upward and sideways
motions. Allow the serum to be absorbed before applying any other product or make up.

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Use once or twice daily before your creams. (Ask your Doctor)

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  • High quality concentrating Hyalouronic Acid 7%

  • Deeply Moisturizes skin

  • Gives elasticity to dry skin

  • Immediate results from the first application

  • Deep penetration due to Nanotechnology

  • Improves hydration of skin

  • Counter-act against negative external factors (eg. Air condition)

  • Fights against free radicals

  • Fills wrinkles

  • Fills Acne Scars

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