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How It Works

work.png Instant Lifting Serum

Instant Facelift

The perfect combination of nutritious components and actives create an instant tightening and uplifting effect.

The action is immediate due to the special liquid formulation, which improves penetration and skin absorption.

From the first application the skin becomes even, smooth with a radiant appearance.

Due to the drastic active ingredients, it minimizes the appearance of slackened skin and enlarged pores while it tightens and tones skin’s surface layer eliminating wrinkles.


tip.png Use

Apply twice-daily using circular movements.


circle.png Tips

  • Instant up lifting effect

  • Instant tightening

  • Eliminates slackened skin

  • Minimizes enlarged pores

  • Tightens and tones the skin

  • Eliminates wrinkles

  • Instant results in less than 2 minutes

Patented serum from Zartaux for 10 years !

circle.png Active Ingredients


Easyliance is a new cosmetic active, acting as a tightener with immediate effect. It is an optimized blend of two ingredients: a hydrolyzed biopolymer and acacia gum, with synergic actions.

  • The biopolymer is naturally produced by a microorganism living in sunflower roots through a symbiosis system. The hydrolyzed polymer used in Easyliance is obtained through a patented industrial process.

  • Acacia gum is a dried exudate obtained from the stem and branches of the African tree in sub-Saharian countries. It has always been used by local population for a wide range of applications. The local production of Acacia gum has been linked to a Sustainable Development program. The product is harvested using Good Practices for a sustainable production and generating educational programs (respect of the environment...). Acacia gum used in Easyliance is a naturally purified grade obtained from an innovative and proprietary process.

Easyliance tenses the skin through a mechanical action, due to both of the polymer structure. This active is adsorbed and spreads out on the skin surface to form a continuous and elastic film. In a short time period, it retracts and stretches the skin. Its effect leads to a visible and immediate decrease of wrinkle depth. Therefore, the skin appears smoother and fine lines disappear.

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