1. SANDINE ZARTAUX cosmetics do not have ready formulas. All the products are researched in the most modern and highest technology laboratories in Switzerland and developed in the 3rd biggest factory of Europe.

2. The research collections are named, classified and suggested to the selling areas depending on the geographical and cultural conditions.

3. SANDINE ZARTAUX is pioneering creating each six months, innovative products following the global clinical researches and consumer needs.

4. The products are formulated for professional use and specific skin needs, so they are very effective. The pleasure is that you can buy it in a retail packaging and this is a very innovative approach.

5. The raw materials SANDINE ZARTAUX is using are unique, all taken from Mother Nature in combination with Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

6. The drastic raw materials in SANDINE ZARTAUX series are concentrated in levels not reached in the market.

7. SANDINE ZARTAUX products are certificated for the consumer’s safety.

8. SANDINE ZARTAUX is taking in consideration the skin’s future health.

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