ZARTAUX has market the beginning of a new era in Skin Care Dermaceuticals.

Constitutes, the revolution of the traditional concept of Beauty Treatment, in Medical Aesthetic Clinics, by imposing an original approach, based on personalized care and the identification of specific skin needs.

ZARTAUX goes even further and considers the beauty care as a genuine treatment for the whole person, taking into account all the factors and offering “Haute Couture” cares with immediate, visible guaranteed results.

Combined comfort and efficacy created to reproduce and prolong at home the effects of Medical Aesthetic Treatments.

The products are unrivalled and inimitable. Enriched with exclusive ingredients, concentrated in levels that are rarely reached on the market, selected to combine activity, tolerance and an irreproachable quality.

The ranges of SANDINE ZARTAUX are remarkably complete and offer to each problem the specific answer and to each woman the adapted solution.

work.png Meticulously tasted: bacteriology, safety, efficacy
work.png Clinically controlled
work.png Dermatoligically in Vitro Tested

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