Anti-Cellulite Body Cream (Aphrodite)

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How It Works

Visibly reduces cellulite, while improves firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Provides impressive results to hips, buttocks, and thighs, improving the body contour. You will feel it working from the first application.

Zartaux’ Anti-Cellulite Thermo - Active Cream instantly absorbs fat, eliminating cellulite.

It contains 200 mineral substances, seaweed, caffeine and argil.

Its proprietary technology works to break down fatty acids, reduces unwanted dimpling, while stimulates circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage.

USE: Apply a small amount on clean skin, daily, and massaging in a gentle, circular motion. Instantly wash your hands after application and avoid contact with any other area. Avoid contact with your eyes.


Enriched with 200 mineral substances and Dunaliella seaweed

Rich in red seaweed, caffeine and argil

Complementary action on slimming

Eliminates Cellulite

Fat Absorption

Improves blood circulation

Instant and extended miraculous results

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