Ampoules Against Hair Loss

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How It Works

work.png Ampoules Against Hair Loss

Exceptional Ampoules for immediate treatment of hair loss.

Their researched formula combines Vitamins and Silanols with the active ingredient Octapeptide -2, which dramatically reduce hair-loss, helps in hair restore by enriching the hair structure giving luxuriant growth the hair.

Use it 3 times per week for minimum two months for better results.

tip.png Use

Apply the ampoules after bath on dry hair, from the root till the end of the hair.

Use your fingers to make soft massage.

Don not rinse.

Use day by day.

circle.png Tips

  • Against Hair loss

  • Procapil 5%

  • Ideal for strengthening hair roots

  • Helps hair regeneration

  • Enriched with active ingredients:

  • Hydrolysed Glycosaminoglycans

  • Silanediol Salicylate

  • Niacinamide (Vit B)

  • Octapeptide-2

  • Stimulate the blood supply to the scalp

  • Stop the hair loss within one week

  • Ideal for strengthening hair roots

  • Stimulate the hair regrowth by 52 %

  • Treatment for the androgenic alopecia

  • Safe with pregnancy and lactation

The line has a triple efficacy more than MINOXIDIL … and without side effects !

circle.png Active Ingredients

Hairfull ingredients

  1. Silanediol Salicylate:

-5DHT Reductase Enzyme Inhibitor

-Increases the oxygen

-Exfoliation (AHA)

2. Vitamin H (Biotin), Provitamin B5 (panthenol):

Strong moisturizers

Increase the blood circulation of the capillary

3. Niacinamide:

Strengthens the hair

4. Minerals:

Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium

5. Procapil:

Hair regrowth booster that nullifies the side effects of Minoxidil (Only in lotion and ampoules)

6. Stem Cells:

Green apple stem cells, 36% identical with human

7. Octapeptide-2:

Hair Growth stimulator

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